Real Estate Investing: What Kind of Property to Invest?

It’s no news that real estate investing is so tempting. Aside of its promising outcome, choosing to invest your money in real estate industry is also a safe choice. It can’t be touched by inflation according to some researches. Yes, it asks for a lot of funds in the first place. But still, can you imagine yourself having a property to be rented for? You’ll be on couch all day, counting all the money that comes voluntarily into your bank account. It’s the dream for everyone!

When you’re already have all the money to start your investment in property, you should make your first step as soon as possible. You need no more question. The only question would left for you is, “What kind of property should become my investment?”

Here, let us give you some options to choose.


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Many people choose to invest in land because it’s still classified as an easy job. Different to the other properties, when you’re investing money in an empty land, you don’t need an expensive budget plan to maintaining it. It’s an empty land after all, you’re just need to take care of its lines with the other properties around it, and make sure if the area’s measurement is match with its certificate. If you want the property’s rate grows higher, choose one which is located in strategic environment.



If you’re targeting higher profit, you can choose to invest in house. As one of the human basic needs, investing your money in house buildings is also promising. Everyday, there will always be people looking for a place stay, and house is everyone’s favorite. Especially to them, married couple or people who are just started their family. You can choose either one which is close to the city’s center or in the country side, both are fine choice as long it has livable environment.

Yes, investment in house is promising, but it also comes with price. Investment in house requires bigger maintenance cost. Especially when you’ve chosen to rent your property for irresponsible people. So, be ready.



While investment in house could offer you promising profit, the needs for vertical living is also rising, along with the growth of Earth’s population and the lack of empty land. Even for some researchers said investment in apartment (or condominium) is a better option than house. You’ll have possibility income with 7-12% yields per year.

It still has its own challenge though. When you’re willing to start your investment in apartment or condominium, you have to check its building management first. Building management with bad records surely not our suggestion. Same goes if it has less strategic location and developed by a company with poor reputation.



With possibility income with 5-10% yields per year, investment in office building is another interesting alternative. But, like the other alternatives have already mentioned, investment in office building is also rely on it’s location–whether it’s strategic or not. After all, the building will be used as an office, place for business or trade, so, its location will be essential for its rate.


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Now that you’re already have all the choices, what kind of property would become your investment?

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